Damianos Moraitidis

damiano finalDamianos is a homosexual artist, open about his sexuality since he was a little kid, which made it hard for him at school. He is half Russian and half Greek and grew up in Germany and Greece.

His first boyfriend died of a drug overdose when he was still in school, aged 16, which left him with psychological trauma and later led him down the path of addiction and suicide attempts. For some time he worked as a gay rent-boy. Writing was a key factor to his recovery during time spent in and out of clinics. Since then, he has decided to collect his diary notes and put together his first book “Fuck you, my Love -a homosexual agenda.”

Damianos now holds a BA in psychology and works as an artist for numerous magazines.

He is currently living in Berlin with his three boyfriends who are also artists.

Books by Damianos Moraitidis: 

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