Volk Kinetshniy

volkVolk is a criminal psychologist, writer, visual artist, painter and photographer of Russian, Greek, and German origin.

Volk is a human chimera and his DNA consists of both female (XX) and male (XY) chromosomes.

He has been a published writer of fiction, non-fiction and academic articles for some years now. He holds a BA in Psychology and is now completing his second MA in Criminal Psychology at the University of Essex, while working on his PhD applications. His studies have contributed to his critique and rejection of social norms. His first books reflect these ideas, while the Sasha Volkov series combine his two big passions –writing and criminology.

As a painter and a photographer of mostly LGBTQ life, he has been exhibited all over the world and featured in several well-known publications.

He is currently spending most of his time in Berlin with his sibling, Amanda M. Jansson, and their pets.

Books by Volk Kinetshniy:

IDEAL-SINNER-a-jansson-v-kinetshniy-numbered-1  tales of 6 unholy devils - Copy    IRONDOORVOLK - Copy